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About the project:  From 1999 through 2011 I played out a storyline about the deFafnyr family, wrapped around how this family had spread out across the planes of different gaming worlds through the Mirror of Eisabeau, taking cuttings from their original vineyard in old Norrath (EQ1) in search of a common goal, Immortality, real immortality, without the disease of vampirism or lycanthropy.  These stories most often centered around a character that continued to reincarnate, Danzlyra/Danlily, until she finally not only found permanent immortality, but redemption on a world called Telara, through the self-sacrifice of a man who loved her unconditionally, despite all the monstrosities she'd committed in all those lifetimes.

These stories were written across the forums of roleplay communities of half the dozen MMO games I've played, from Eq1 and EQ2, SWG, WoW, Vanguard, AO, AC2, and finally Rift.  They were co-written with some fantastic roleplay partners, of which without, these stories could not have come to life.

Most of those stories were lost (though I am actively searching for them to repost here in archives), left behind over the years on those roleplay forums or were lost to hard-drive crashes.  The deFafnyr arc found a happy conclusion, immortality, redemption, and Danzlyra found peace and real love, after running the storyline off and on for 12 years. 

In this new project, Part Two if you will, a member of the deFafnyr family has achieved  that immortality as an Ascendant.  What's left?  A new goal to drive her across the gaming worlds. 

Now, because I don't want to lose the next decade's worth of writing like I did with my writing of the deFafnyr clans search for immortality, I've created this forum to collect the stories, screenshots and artwork of this new arc in one place as my character travels from Rift's Telara and on to other game worlds.

Special tight hugs to , Raven Mythic and poDuvessa for creating the best Rp community I've ever encountered in any of the dozen plus MMO's I've played; and to poJanthin, poTorryn, poCissero, poUhklah, a few of the best and most creative writers I've ever had the honor to roleplay and write with. 

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